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Explore the Future of Commuting with INRIX Traffic 5.0 and Google Glass

Try to picture the last time you reached for the trifold map in your glove box or car door panel and plotted your route. Having trouble?

Over the last few decades, breakthroughs in technology brought drivers better, simpler ways of navigating the roads. Portable navigation devices were introduced, then in-dash GPS systems and finally, smartphone apps.

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Traffic Indicates the U.S. Economy Continues to Expand Amidst Taper Talk

Economists, businesses and the American public have all been watching the U.S. Federal Reserve very closely in recent months for any indication of when it might begin to remove the unprecedented support it has provided the U.S. economy since the start of the financial crisis. Increased traffic levels in recent months indicate that while the time for such action might be near, the Fed will have to walk a very fine line as it considers tapping on the brakes.

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Finding The Right Home Just Got Easier

Congestion is on the rise in nearly every city in America. As a result, the trip between home and work is getting longer and longer and longer. So it should come as no surprise that potential home buyers rank commute time right up there with price, bedrooms and school district.

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Cruise Around Closures and Congestion this Seafair with INRIX Traffic

With activity on the water, in the air and on the pitch, it’s all about getting where you want to go this weekend. Thousands of native Seattleites and visitors will flock to the hydro races near Genesee Park, seek out the perfect viewing spot for the Boeing Air Show near I-90 and root for the […]

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Rise in Traffic a Mixed Blessing for the Nation’s Drivers

Feel like traffic has been slowing down lately? You’re not the only one. According to the latest INRIX Gridlock Index (IGI) [please link to release on] drivers across the U.S. spent more time stuck in traffic last June than they did in June 2012, with the national level of traffic congestion jumping by over 8 percent. Great news for economists and policymakers on the lookout for signs of an improving economy, but not so much fun for the rest of us.

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More Traffic and More Good News for the Economy

The latest INRIX Gridlock Index (IGI) shows drivers across the nation spent more time stuck in traffic last May than they did in May 2012, as traffic jumped by almost 10 percent.

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Arriving on Time Has Never Been So Easy with INRIX Departure Alerts

INRIX Traffic is making it easier than ever to get there on time.   Rest assured before you even check the app over breakfast, we’re watching the traffic so we can give you a heads up on when you need to leave. With the latest version of INRIX Traffic, Android and iOS users can set custom […]

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Is the Rising Tide of Economic Recovery Lifting All Boats?

Once again the latest INRIX Gridlock Index (IGI) shows that U.S. traffic is up by almost 10%, a spot of good news for the U.S. economy. Yet some regions are faring better than others: while the Midwest, West and Northeast are booming, traffic in the South is growing at a molasses-slow pace. In fact, drivers in […]

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Just in Time for Memorial Day: INRIX Traffic Premium App for Only $9.99

Traffic congestion is back on the rise nationwide, and according to our Memorial Day travel forecast, holiday traffic will be up an average of four percent over last year.

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Three Takeaways from INRIX’s 6th Annual Traffic Scorecard

Today, we released the sixth annual INRIX Traffic Scorecard. Utilizing trillions of data points gathered from crowd-sourced traffic information, the INRIX Traffic Scorecard is the world’s most in-depth, data-driven look at traffic congestion. If you’re a data geek, you can head on over to the Traffic Scorecard right now and browse to your heart’s content. However, if […]

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