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It’s About Time…

Yes it is.  Time is the one thing that all of us get an equal amount of every day.  However, how that time is used varies wildly from person to person.  Whether it’s work, medical appointments, leisure and family time, gardening, sport, eating, traveling, socializing, or sitting in traffic, our time quickly diminishes with every […]

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Safe and in SYNC while on the drive

Call me obsessive, but, I love the fact that my smartphone keeps me connected all the time.  However, driving with my kid in the back while staying connected is hard and unsafe!  This is why INRIX and Ford have partnered to build the safest in-car experience.  With Ford SYNC Destinations, a mobile app available on […]

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Magic? How INRIX Traffic Crowd-Sourcing Really Works

How exactly does INRIX deliver such accurate traffic?  Is it magic?  Dad, are we there yet?  These are three of the more popular questions I hear these days.    The answers:  INRIX “crowd-sources” the traffic; No; Let me check my mobile app. OK, so what is “crowd-sourcing” and how does INRIX do it?  Well, in February, […]

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