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Beyond the App: iOS & Battery Life

Since we shipped our iOS 5 update (INRIX Traffic 3.5.1), many of you have alerted us that you’ve been experiencing increased battery drain.  While it would appear this would be the result of persistent use of the GPS in order to provide you with personalized traffic alerts based on your location, this is not the […]

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INRIX Traffic 3.5.1: Best of both worlds: Real time traffic alerts and minimal battery drain

INRIX is working hard to provide our members with the best of both worlds: the ability to notify you of upcoming traffic influencing incidents, like accidents and police activity, while limiting the drain of your phone’s battery. The app does this by using Apple’s Location Services functionality that allows us to use cell tower triangulation, […]

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Fix for 3.5 on iOS is on the way.

For those experiencing the ‘location services’ issue that continues to display the location services icon in the status bar at the top of your screen after disabling the new Traffic Alerts feature, the fix is on it’s way.  We’ve submitted an update to Apple for review.  Once approved, the update will be available in the […]

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